International Federation of Musicians

The International Federation of Musicians (FIM) The International Federation of Musicians (Féderation Internationale des Musiciens, aka FIM) was founded in 1948, and is the international organization for musicians’ unions, guilds and professional associations comprised of about 70 members in 65 countries throughout the world. The AFM has been a longtime member of FIM, and AFM International President Ray Hair has been a Vice President of FIM for many years. Several years ago I was asked to represent the AFM and participate in several conferences hosted by FIM with associations that are organizing unions in Cuba, Guatemala and most recently in the Dominican Republic (DR). Last month over the course of three days, SecretaryGeneral Benoit Machuel, FIM Regional Coordinator Nathaly Ossa and I met with approximately 20 prominent musicians and labor leaders in DR to assist in helping these individuals create a musicians union from scratch. Over the course of our conference we worked on developing bylaws, strategic initiatives, building leadership and sharing our collective experiences in union management, negotiations and organizing. There was a significant amount of interest from the national press and we concluded the conference with an excellent roadmap for these musicians to build a strong new union!